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Two of the most import words. Add a question mark and you get one of the most important questions you can ask in life, in business and in setting goals.

I remember learning at a really young age to ask myself "Imagine If"

It's along the same words as What if, Why not... and what's the worst thing that could happen.

IMAGINE IF was once highlighted on the Women of Influence Podcast.

Natalie Ettingshausen. A school teacher, dance studio owner, dance teacher, agent and in the past few years Founder of READY, SET, DANCE.

Imagine If we started a dance program for 3-5 year olds that could be taught in dance schools all over Australia. Imagine If our program could be taught in countries all over the world? Imagine If we could turn our dance program into an Australian TV Series. Imagine if it could be converted into other languages so the TV series could be viewed all over the world.

It all started with a question..... IMAGINE IF?

Listen to the Episode in Full HERE>>>

I resonate with Imagine If? I've actually lived by the words. Imagine If I went back to uni to try and get a job in radio, imagine if I started a Podcast? Imagine if I started a dance festival?

The only trick to the Imagine If magic is the work that follows and that is a whole other post!

My only question is for you? What's your IMAGINE IF? It can be tricky.... sometimes it's only a little heart whisper, so quite it doesn't have the courage to be loud. But I do believe if you are quite enough you will hear it..... then it's a matter of bravery? IMAGINE IF..... You actually do it!

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